Cooking with TPACK – Repurposing Tools & Technology

This week in CEP 810 I learned about TPACK (Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge). I had never heard of this educational framework before. I found it interesting that it was developed by two MSU scholars, including the Co-Director of MSU’s MAET program!

I learned from Dr. Punya Mishra this week that a technology can be turned into an educational technology when a teacher “repurposes” the technology for educational purposes. Technology changes how we teach and how students learn. Dr. Mishra brought up an idea that he called “Punya’s 23rd Law of Parenting”, which stated, “For facts go to Google…for wisdom come to me!” With Google (and other search engines) today, a student can look up and find seemingly limitless facts in a matter of seconds. However, Dr. Mishra wisely warns us that facts and technology alone will not bring about knowledge and learning.

My “explore, create, and share” assignment this week was a fun TPACK quickfire challenge activity. Basically, I was challenged to recruit a helper and then prepare some kind of food item with only three random tools from a kitchen. I had to ask my helper (my younger brother Lucas) to retrieve for me any type of plate, bowl, and one utensil of some sort. Without knowing what I was going to make, Lucas brought me a paper plate, a flimsy plastic bowl, and a short and sharp type of paring knife. Then I asked Lucas to pick a small piece of paper out of my hat. Each piece of paper had one number on it (1-5). Each number represented a “food-making” task. Number one would have meant that I had to slice up some hard cheese. Lucas pulled out the number four. That meant that I had to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The following video shows how I “repurposed” my tools to get my task done!

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